A Step by Step Guide to Createspace - Your Self-Publishing Help

It's been a while since I logged in to my Createspace account. I uploaded my manuscript a few years ago and just left it hanging there. I didn't know how to market my book in different social media networks and find it hopeless to continue with the publishing.

Until recently, when I joined a group of young writers, who I find very enthusiastic in what they are doing. I asked myself why I didn't do before what they are doing now- write and write and write!
It made me think for a moment that it's not too late yet. Not too late to reopen my Createspace account and upload my revised manuscript. This time I am determined to move forward and do the best I can to market my book on Amazon and Kindle Publishing.
So this blog post will be about creating an account on Createspace and make your life, yes, you dear author, easier!
Some might be discouraged in the first few parts of the process because they have no idea what to do. I hope this post might help you in pursuing your d…

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